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  • The Story Behind "Malibu" and My Thoughts on Social Media

    New Blog Post: The Heartfelt Story Behind "Malibu"

    In this latest blog entry, I open up about my mixed feelings towards social media, the lessons I've learned from over 16 years in marketing, and how these experiences shape the way I share my music today. Dive into the personal journey behind my new song "Malibu"—a track that celebrates the sweet moments of life amidst the chaos. Plus, find out why I've been hesitant to share more, and how I'm striving to bring more love into the digital world.

  • Fresh release: "Kontinuum" with Return of the Jaded on Purified Records

    Get ready to get lost in the hypnotic beats and mesmerizing melody of "Kontinuum". This new melodic techno track from Tania Zygar and Return of the Jaded on Purified Records is taking the music world by storm, already supported by 24 Spotify playlists in just 48 hours and featured on New Music Friday Dance, Open Air and Mint Canada:   From the very beginning,"Kontinuum" draws you in with its driving groove and ethereal synth textures. As the track builds, a pulsing arpeggio takes over, propelling you forward with relentless energy. It's a masterclass in mood and atmosphere, with every element carefully crafted...